Maggy O’Leary Anthony was born in Southern California to an Irish father and English-French-Dutch mother. The family moved to San Francisco when she was six years old and that is where she grew up, along with a brother, eight years older.  The movies were an early love shared by the whole family that attended twice weekly, along with Maggy, beginning when she was only eighteen months old. So her early ambition was to be a movie star. As she grew older, she was an avid reader as was the rest of her family and she began to think that being a writer might be fun too.Author Maggy Anthony pictured on the 2nd Street bridge facing the Reno, NV riverwalk and Historic Riverside Hotel Artist Lofts

At seventeen, a high school English teacher introduced her to the works of Ernest Hemingway, and he became a model for her ambitions: to write, to have adventures and to travel the world.

When she married, in her early twenties, she married Gene Anthony, a budding photojournalist who loved adventure too. Together they traveled to, and lived in, Paris, then Rio de Janeiro. In Rio she got to try out her movie ambition, and found it wasn’t as much fun as she’d thought. Finally, they settled in Berkeley, California in the late Sixties, where they had two children. In 1971, a serious illness followed by weeks of intense treatment, then the break-up of her marriage, propelled Maggy into seeking answers to her life questions in Zurich, Switzerland at the C. G. Jung Institute for Analytical Psychology. Once there, along with her two small children, she sought a continuation of her analysis begun in Berkeley, and attended classes, to try to map out her future.

Her stay in Zurich prompted the writing of her first published book, “Jung’s Circle of Women: The Valkyries”, based on the women she met at the Institute, now much older but still writing, teaching and doing analysis.

Once back in Berkeley the following year, she began teaching classes in mythology, Jungian psychology and related subjects, always, writing. A second trip to Zurich was needed once the book was sold to a publisher, to gather more material. Following this, she went to the Cotswolds in England to put it all together. Of course, the children were with her.

She has taught her classes and done her dream groups, all over the Western United States – California, Colorado, Oregon and now, Northern Nevada. She also lived in New York and taught there and did her dream groups. She is continuing to write, currently having five books in print.

Maggy Anthony is the author of Jung’s Circle of Women: The Valkyries (Nicolas-Hays, 1999), written from her experiences while studying at the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich.

A new work of fiction, that includes a collection of stories and a novella, Landscape of Desire (IUniverse/March 27, 2001), was published in March 2001.

Maggy wrote Impossibly Blonde: Marilyn at 77 (iUniverse, Inc./August 17, 2004), to imagine how Marilyn might have matured into a wise, graceful and gorgeous old age.

Maggy is currently working on her latest books, “Cup of the Ptolemies” and “The Institute”, in addition to the second in her Hank Faro series, “Death Plays it as it Lays.”