“I was born in Los Angeles, but raised from the time I was 6 years old in San Francisco. Movies were the center point of my life from the age of two when I began attending films at least twice a week with my mother and older brother.

Early on I decided I either wanted to be a movie star (not necessarily an actress) or a writer, as I equally loved to read. One thing was certain: I wanted a life of adventure and travel; my marriage to a photojournalist of note when I was 21 insured that adventure. Together with my husband, I traveled to and lived in Paris, then in Rio de Janeiro.

Maggy Anthony in Brazil—"Beautiful, But No Good"It was in Rio that my early wish to be in films was realized when I got roles in two Brazilian films: Bonitinha, Mas Ordinaria (Beautiful, But No Good); and Copacabana: 24 Horas (Twenty-four Hours on Copacabana Beach). I soon learned that I had neither the patience nor the dedication needed to be in films. It was then I began to write seriously.

I studied, at various times with various acting teachers: Jeff Corey in Hollywood, Professor Orloff, formerly with Stanislavsky, in San Francisco, and John Argue in Berkeley. But writing seemed best for me.

Then, when I wrote “Impossibly Blonde: Marilyn at 76”, the acting bug bit again, and here I was, an older woman, daring to take on one of the most famous women of all time: Marilyn Monroe, in HER older age. It was scary, but I loved it, horrific stage fright not withstanding. And my Jungian background helped too as I realized that on some nights, not necessarily due to my acting abilities, Marilyn seemed to come through and be PRESENT on the stage with me. This did not always happen, possibly due to my lack of training, but it happened the first night in Reno, and at subsequent performances in San Francisco, Reno, and Long Beach, once in awhile. Now, I have in mind a one act play with an older woman speaking of her life… so who knows what is next for Maggy the actor??