It has been too long, and I’m sorry, but have spent the last year plus in updating and re-writing my book, Jung’s Circle of Women: The Valkyries. Now it is finished and I will be writing regularly on this website of mine. The new book, Salome’s Embrace: The Jungian Women, will be published in November by Routledge. I have incorporated in my research all the new books, articles and information that has been published since 1999 when my last version was published. This includes the famous Red Book by Jung, which he considered to be the foundation of all the psychological work that followed.

Now that is done, sent to the publisher, and proof read, I have begun work on my autobiography. I’m finding that a mixed blessing as it entails going back to the earliest days of my life, then through the subsequent years that followed. Some of the memories are fun, some bring up old stuff I thought settled and forgotten. But the present mythological framework/story in which I am living is She Who Remembers and those remembrances are sometimes painful. But I am determined to persevere and am up to about 300 pages in writing, and the year 1978 in my life. Wish me luck! Hopefully I will find a publisher for what has been often a very exciting life, interfacing with many of the most public events in the world: the Beatnik days and era, the funeral of Marilyn Monroe, study at the C.G. Jung Institute for Analytical Psychology, the heyday in Brazil of the Bossa Nova and many other events.
Some of these subjects I’ve touched on in this website and will continue to do so.
Locally, I am about to start a four part lecture series at a local coffeehouse, Perk-Up on Arlington Avenue in Reno. The subjects are ones that have fascinated me most of my life : dreams, myth, genealogy, astrology and tarot. The series will run on four subsequent Wednesday evenings, beginning September 13th and run for two hours including question and answer and discussion periods. Hope to see many of you there. My Facebook page has more details. Maggy Anthony.
Until the next entry, soon, live long and prosper!

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