After a year’s absence, here I am again! It’s been a tough year in many ways and I’ve been writing at least two books. One, a third Hank Faro Reno in the Fifties mystery and the other a non-fiction work about a favorite Greek God of mine. This has kept me quite busy. In addition, at my late age I have once more become a mother…to a 3 year old bundle of fur and love whom I have named Soofi. Never had a dog of my own before. He is half-Shih Tzu and half Pug, therefore half Chinese and half English, a mixture like me.

I’ve decided to get back to doing my blog on a regular basis as it keeps my hand in writing, and clears my thoughts. Probably will go back to WILD STREAK, as I would like to get as much of my autobiography done as possible… and so very much happened after Brazil, though the experience was to mark me for the rest of my life.

I came back, shortly after the CIA engineered revolution in Brazil, rightly called the April Fools Day Revolution. We could see Guanabara Bay filling with ships rumored to be prison ships, and so very many of our Brazilian friends dropped out of sight. We did not find out until years later how many left for Europe, and how many were detained by the military junta that took over. Several, being National Treasures, were, of course, not touched. Among these was Antonio Carlos Jobim and several of the movie folk, including Jece Valadao and Anselmo Duarte. We booked two tickets on the S.S. Brazil, leaving for New York in early May. It was a cruise ship and we got on with our dog, Winnie, our parrot, O’Leary, and several crates and suitcases. It was very painful to leave, but we knew things were not going to get better. My husband had finished his short film, Twenty-four Hours on Copacabana Beach and was anxious to edit it and to find a distributor in New York. And so we left, taking a cruise ship back. And our arrival in New York will be the subject of my next blog, WILD STREAK.

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