The Cup of the Ptolemies

Cup of the Ptolemies book cover, author Maggy Anthony

A Thea Stangos Akashic Thriller

“The Akashic record is like an immense photographic film . . . those who perceive it will see pictured thereon: THE LIFE EXPERIENCES OF EVERY HUMAN BEING SINCE TIME BEGAN.”
—Alice Bailey, “Light of the Soul”

The heroine of The Cup of the Ptolemies is a New York editor, on a fashion shoot for her magazine in Alexandria, Egypt at the site of an archaeological dig for Cleopatra’s palace, who finds herself in the middle of a 2000 year old plot, engineered by the darkly good looking Egyptian antiquities director. It seems that what she thought was an innocent trip to do a magazine layout of fashions using the underwater discovery of Cleopatra’s palace was actually a carefully engineered plan to bring to life the latest incarnation of that fabled queen: herself!

Maggy Anthony has been fascinated by and drawn to Ancient Egypt since she was a child. Later as an adult, studying at the C.G. Institute in Zurich she studied the religion of Egypt, its mythologies and symbols and was a member of the Egypt Exploration Society for a time. More recently, after finishing with the writing of The Cup of the Ptolemies, she found in her genealogical researches that her maternal line goes back to Cleopatra VII. She has no plans to rule the world at this time.

Published for Kindle, April 2012
Available in paperback at Amazon

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