Dark Ritual

Dark Ritual book cover, author Maggy Anthony


In nearby Germany, a homegrown group of young terrorists have all of Europe on alert as they run from the German authorities. Posters with the faces of the young terrorists, both male and female, are to be seen in every Post Office, even in Switzerland. In Zurich, one American woman who has come there frequently for treatment for severe depression, becomes intrigued by the face of one of the young men. And when she sees him in a café, decides to make a move to get to know him. She doesn’t know why, only that she feels more alive and more like living when she is close to danger.

A relationship is set in motion that she knows in advance is not likely to end well, but her curiosity gets the better of any good judgment that might get in the way. Both she and the young fugitive are swept into a maelstrom of emotion that not even the advice of her analyst at the Klinik can stop. And when the woman, Liliane, senses that she is developing deeper feelings for Peter Karl, she knows a decision must be made—a decision that will have grave consequences for both of them.

Excerpt from Chapter 1

He was there again yesterday. She was amazed that he had survived as long as he had if he was such a creature of habit. The first time that she saw him, she thought of course that it was a one-time thing: that he had come to rest for a cup of coffee.

He had recognized her from the day before. She had to give him credit for his powers of observation. He had looked at her for a moment then she saw the flicker of disinterest in his eyes as he had dropped her mentally into a slot in his brain and dismissed her.

Published on Kindle, March 2015
Available in paperback at Amazon

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