Death Plays It As It Lays

Death Plays It As It Lays by author Maggy Anthony
A hank faro mystery – Book 2

Hank Faro, Reno Private Eye, is once again caught up in gangster dealings as the Las Vegas mob reacts to the upcoming Kefauver Hearings on Organized Crime. He almost loses his life because of his determination to find out what happened to a missing girl from rural Nevada as she chases her dreams in Reno and Vegas. A surprise element arises when he faces the problem of orphans, both in his personal and professional lives.

“Las Vegas is a city in statistics only. In every other respect it is a jungle – a jungle of green felt crap tables, roulette tables and slot machines.”

The Green Felt Jungle
By Ed Reid and Ovid Demaris

Published for Kindle, April 2013
Available in paperback at Amazon

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