For me, it always comes back to the dream. It is the one altered state of consciousness that I trust completely as it comes when one is unconscious (sleeping) with little input from the ego. Jung said that everyone can interpret their own dreams, but it does take enormous dedication and keeping track of the dreams and your associations with the material in them. I remember the first time I did it, which for me entailed walking back and forth over the length of my living room, focusing on the prime symbols in the dream, was a marvelous, affirming experience which gave me confidence. When the connection came, a wealth of material and associations poured out and I went to my waiting dream book and wrote as fast as I could so I would “catch” them all. Dreams and their associations are made of gossamer mind stuff that can dissolve as quickly as smoke while one is trying to grasp them.

Once, one of my early Jungian analysts told me I was exceptionally good with the symbolic material in my dreams and asked why I thought this was so. I didn’t know. But later in therapy, I told him I read tarot cards and he exclaimed, “That’s why you are so good with reading dream symbols!’ And so later, when I began to teach classes in the Seventies on how to read tarot cards, I concentrated on symbolic material. And only a couple of years after that, I began to do Dream Groups.

So, thirty five years later, I am still doing dream groups and after a couple of year hiatus, am going to begin again very soon.

Those interested in participating in a dream group may call me at (775) 221-5270.