Impossibly Blonde

Impossibly Blonde book cover, author Maggy Anthony

The Genesis of a Play in the Death
and Funeral of Marilyn Monroe

Hollywood icon, sex goddess, glamour queen, complex, scared and vulnerable young woman, Marilyn Monroe offered a variety of faces to the world before she died. To imagine how Marilyn might have matured into wise, graceful and gorgeous old age, author and playwright Maggy Anthony wrote Impossibly Blonde: Marilyn at 77.

“Just as her life had cast its spell over my life, her death and the subsequent surrealism of her funeral, which I attended, and the aftermath of conspiracy theories, hints of murder and intrigue in high places, cast its shadow.

“I am attempting to show how even an event of the utmost tragedy can give birth to a creative project and perhaps offer some understanding of this complex woman who has become a symbol of the Eternal Feminine, and who was also very much a woman of her time.

“My play is my prose poem to her, of love, appreciation and regret.”
–Maggy Anthony, playwright and author

Published for Kindle, August 2004
Available in paperback at Amazon

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