Jungian Analysis


While in Brazil I had a spiritual encounter that sent me on a journey to explore the deepest parts of myself.

Returning to San Francisco after two years in Rio, I entered Jungian analysis and began a family. When both my children were under five, I had a serious illness and lengthy treatment. This was followed shortly by the unexpected death of my 42-year-old sister-in-law.

My own illness, subsequent divorce, and the death of someone so loved and close, sent me to Zurich, accompanied by my two children.

It was at the C.G. Jung Institute I sought to put my life together and find a new path I could follow.

That path led to my writing of the book on the life of C.G. Jung and the women he trained as analysts, Jung’s Circle of Women, and two earlier works on mythological themes of the Feminine Principle.The most recent revision and update of the Jung book is to be published in November of 2017 and will be entitled, “Salome’s Embrace: The Jungian Women. It also led to living in different parts of the world.

I studied at the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich. But I first “met” Jung in Brazil, when I lived in Rio de Janeiro in the early 60’s. My life there has defined and shaped the rest of my life.

Actually, my “meeting” with Jung took place in 1963, when my brother, Lou O’Leary, always my intellectual mentor , and a major influence in my life as my big brother, sent me Jung’s most accessible book. “Memories, Dreams, Reflections”. Lou had told me to beware as I might see the Magna Mater rambling up my driveway, or Shiva dancing on the lawn, after reading it.

Rio was a fitting place for me to make the acquaintance of Jung’s psychology. Brazil had brought out  a side of me hidden to myself up to that point.  It brought out my passion and it brought out my latent mysticism. It was it’s African side that brought these out: the color, the music, the intensity of the climate. All these converged and awakened me, and Jung’s book gave them form and meaning.