And I mean the whole range of magic from the stage magician’s sleight of hand to the magic that lies within and without in each of us. The magic that lies largely undiscovered in what misguided scientist’s have labeled “junk” DNA.

Maggy Anthony interview Uri Geller on KPIX in San FranciscoBack in 1973, I interviewed on television, a magician who had appeared in our midst among much fanfare. Uri Geller. I interviewed him on the Helen Bentley T.V. show on KPIX in San Francisco. I had seen his real magic at close hand when a friend of mine had put a turquoise ring he treasured in his own hand and dared Geller to make it bend. Geller warned him that when he bent the ring, the lovely turquoise stone in it might break. My skeptical friend said he was willing to take the risk. He held the ring in one hand and Geller instructed him to cover it with his other hand. Then Geller, without touching the hands passed his hands over my friend’s. As my friend later told me,the ring began to feel hot, then began to move. As my friend removed his covering hand, he saw the ring contorting and bending and twisting as it lay there on his palm. And the stone DID break in half. Geller said he was sorry, but he had warned him. But my friend said that the ring was now even more valuable to him as it proved there was real magic in the world.

Geller had also been a stage musician in his native Israel at one time, and when this was revealed, many chose to doubt the real magic he possessed. However, a psychiatrist friend of mine who had dinner with Geller said that whatever it was, his forks and spoons kept bending during that dinner, making it difficult to get food to his mouth. Geller, who was sitting across the table from him apologized and said often he had no control over it.


I wear a bit of magic around my neck twenty four hours a day. It is in the form of a sterling silver tetrahedron or 64 sided geometrical figure, within a circle, hanging from a silver chain. My friend, Sandra Lehti-Culjak, author of  “In This My Beautiful Egypt”, bought it for me at my request on her latest trip to Egypt. It is a symbol that is on several walls, way up high,of the Osirion, one of the oldest and most mysterious temples in Egypt. It is an underground temple, discovered first by the Pharoah Sety I of Egypt, who was excavating to build a new temple. millennia ago. He was impressed even then by its antiquity, and moved his excavations away. Modern estimates for the temple’s age range from five thousand to nine thousand years ago. This same symbol can be found at the entrance to the Forbidden City in China, where one of the stone guardians of the gate, called a “Foo Dog”, has one of its paws resting on a globe,on which this symbol is carved. It has been called The Flower of Life by a modern physicist who believes it to be the basic design of all that exists in our world. I wear it in hope of renewal of my life energy.