Mask of the Minotaur

Mask of the Minotaur book cover, author Maggy Anthony


Once again, Thea Stangos finds herself matching wits with one who intends to put ancient spiritual truths to his own devious, self-serving ends. This time it is on her very home ground in Crete. With the aid of archaeological psychic and dear friend, Frederick Guest, she races to defend herself, her family, and ultimately the world, against this psychological and physical intrusion. As ever, her dreams and rememberings of past lives aid Thea in her battle against a very modern evil.

“Think, O my soul – of the red sand of Crete think of the earth, the heat burnt fissures like the great backs of the temple serpents; think of the world you knew; as the tide crept, the land burned with a lizard-blue where the dark sea met the sand.”

H.D. Phaedra

Published for Kindle, April 2013
Available in paperback at Amazon

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