“A Good Writer is a Terrorist” – Charles Ponce

“A book must be the axe for the frozen sea inside us.”-Franz Kafka

The intensity of both these quotes is what moves me to write, and to always go deeper. I’m not always successful, but my attempts are intense, even though often frustrated. That seems to be the lot of many other writers and artists whom I have been privileged to know, or read. The goal is never reached and the actuality of the result never seems to match the intensity of the vision.

Helene Cixous, French feminist and writer, in her book,  Three Steps on the Ladder of Writing, writes, “Writing is not arriving…How far must one not arrive in order to write, how far must one wander and wear out and have pleasure? One must walk as far as the night. One’s own night.”

And so, I continue to walk, mostly in my fiction, only a fraction of which has been published. Most notably is my collection of short stories with a novella, “Landscape of Desire,”, and most recently “Dark Ritual”in 2016.

I have been fortunate enough to discover playwriting in my later life. As the Playwright in Residence at Nevada Shakespeare Company, two of my plays were performed, “The Acolyte” and “Impossibly Blonde: Marilyn at 77” and my modern adaptation of “The Trojan Women”. I love the intensity of hearing the lines I have written through the actors, and sometimes myself as actor, go straight to the audiences. The words take on a life of their own then that reaches beyond the printed page.

In 2014 I self-published , “Death is a Crapshoot,” a Hank Faro Mystery based in historic Reno in the 1950’s, followed by “The Cup of the Ptolemies,” a Thea Stangos Akashic Thriller based in Alexandria, Egypt. Then I wrote the sequels to both. Death Plays It as It Lays, and The Mask of the Minotaur. They are available exclusively as both paperbacks and digitals on Amazon. I am currently working on the Hank Faro sequel, “Death Plays it as it Lays” and the second in the Thea Stangos series, “The Mask of the Minotaur”.

In November of 2017, my book on Jung and the Feminine, “Salome’s Embrace: The Jungian Women” is being published by Routledge. I’m very excited about this.

Most recently I’ve begun to write my autobiography of what has been a rather adventurous life, “Wild Streak” and am currently seeking an agent for it.